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What is open access?

Open access content is made freely available.

How much does it cost to publish my article Open Access?

Publication in OORJA is FREE OF COST.

How many issues are published per year?

We publish 1 issue per year.

What kind of papers does OORJA publish?

OORJA aims to publish research papers in all the areas of computer science and Management research, for further reference check it out (aim and scope) link in our website.

With whom I can clarify my queries?

OORJA has provided contact information in website. You can clarify your queries through mailing address or contact number. Please visit how to contact

How can I make a submission to OORJA?

To submit your manuscript, please visit the journal's homepage and click on the “Submit Paper” button or tab located on the right-hand side of the selection menu. The next page will outline the submission requirements of the journal and how to submit your manuscript.

Before submitting your manuscript, please review the submission guidelines carefully since this will help move the manuscript through the peer review process more smoothly.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the editorial office directly via the contact information found in the submission guidelines.

How do I order a single journal issue?

To check pricing, confirm availability or to place an order for a printed single journal issue, please contact our customer service team Or download PDFs of single issues on OORJA (

How do I cite an open access article?

All manuscripts are citeable and the Digital Object Identifier (DOI)s are assigned to all OORJA content for use on digital networks and the metadata associated with that content is registered with the DOI Foundation. DOIs provide a consistent, permanent way to identify manuscripts published in the online environment.